Lazarus bugreport
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Lazarus bugreport

Date:26.08.2017, 20:30 TTabSheet. TabVisible property TabSheet under gtk1 can either be fully hidden (with Tab) or fully visible (with Tab). There is no possibility to show TabSheet without it tab. Look at gtk1 sources (gtknotebook. This document is written for FPC / Lazarus users who identify bugs, have. reopen it, if the bug report has been resolved or closed - use. So with the automated bisecting, regression bugs can be found in seconds. For more information on the git bisect command, see the Git User Manual. To download the Git mirror of the Lazarus repository, follow this link, or for more detailed instructions look here - git mirrors. If it works, repeat with 30extremes. If not, use 10extremes. After some time you should be able to isolate which revision broke it. This information makes fixing the problem much easier, so we encourage people helping to develop Lazarus to try this process and post this information on bug reports in case they are regressions with no clear clue of.
Lazarus bugreport

Lazarus bugreport Lazarus bugreport


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Lazarus bugreport
Lazarus bugreport